Editorial and Literary Services

With years of experience working in New York publishing, I know what agents, editors, and readers are looking for and can help you create it. Don't know which service is right for you? Please contact me with questions and we can work together to determine which is best for you and your piggy bank. 


Developmental Editing

If you're looking for a developmental edit, it probably means you've got a finished manuscript already. Here, I can help you by reviewing your work and providing in-depth feedback with regards to theme, pacing, structure, plot, voice, and characters. I'll read the entire manuscript, asking specific questions throughout, and point out areas in need of stronger transitions, clearer descriptions, and tightened pacing, as well as highlighting problem spots and extraneous material. I'll use Track Changes to add my suggestions and changes to your manuscript and provide a detailed editorial letter summarizing my revision notes. This is a comprehensive "big picture" edit and my most commonly used service.

Detailed Line Editing

This is typically for projects that have already been through at least one developmental edit and want someone to catch the smaller errors. Here, I'll focus on the nitty-gritty: sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and grammar. Using Track Changes, I'll address your manuscript line-by-line looking for anything that could throw off a reader. This option doesn't include an editorial letter, but you'll receive specific in-line comments to help you with your revision. 

Manuscript Assessment

Got something you just want another pair of eyes on? With this option, I'll read your manuscript (finished or unfinished) and provide general feedback, overall observations, and suggestions for improvement. There won't be a full editorial letter or in-line edits here, but you'll get a professional opinion on your project and workable feedback.

Proposal Development and Review

Got a great nonfiction idea but need help creating a package that will convince an agent or editor? With this option, I'll help you put together a 30-60 page document to do just that. Great nonfiction proposals explain what your book is about, why you're the person to write it, and give a strong sample of the final product. With my help, we'll put together a package that shows agents and editors what you bring to the table and why readers will want your book. And by the time we're through, you'll have essentially mapped out your book before you even begin writing it. 

If you already have a proposal in the works, I can take a look at what you have and offer suggestions on how to make it better--and how to keep it from getting overlooked by agents and editors.


Whether you're an established author or yet-to-be-published, I can help you along the way. You can hire me on an hourly basis to discuss career goals, next steps, or even to brainstorm book ideas. I've spent countless hours sitting in on editorial, sales, and marketing meetings and have an extensive network of agent connections. Let me put that knowledge to work for you!

Need something else?

Whatever you need--whether it's someone to take a look at your query letter, someone to craft a synopsis of your book, or someone to help you write compelling descriptive copy--I'm your editor. I'm also available to edit articles, bios, or website text. 

How can I help?

An important note:

My work on freelance projects neither reflects or assumes a future relationship with Crooked Lane Books, Skyhorse Publishing, HarperCollins Publishers, or any imprints thereof. To maintain professionalism, I am unable to consider any freelance projects for publication with my employer.